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Multi span green house

Multi span green house

Greenhouses of multi-hibernation (multi-arcs) for large areas, and it is characterized by the optimal utilization of the entire area as much as possible, and there are such-and-such:

1- Multi-Spanish greenhouses, air conditioner

It is characterized by creating the appropriate atmosphere for production and cultivation by installing Italian-made suction fans in one of the fronts, and on the other side, cooling cells are installed inside the aluminum frame, stainless steel or galvanized sheet. Water is pumped to the top of the cooling cells through a single Italian horse submerged inside the cooling cycle tank.

And it is controlled automatically by the computer to control the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse.

The outer cover is made of plastic, fiberglass or polycarbonate.

There are several systems or models of these designs, such as greenhouses, Dutch or Spanish, or others, according to the requirements of agriculture and investor taste.

2- Unlimited air condition greenhouses: -

It is a metal structure covered with treated plastic and ventilated by side curtains covered with anti-virus gauze covered by a plastic curtain during the winter at low temperatures and opened during high temperatures.

The outer cap is usually made of resistant plastic